Intro to CBN

Written By Andrew Freedman

The world of cannabis is very vast, most of the time we are just scraping the surface when discussing the cannabis plant’s smells, flavors and intoxicating effects. We often focus solely on CBD and THC as those are the 2 most widely found, active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. What if I were to tell you that researchers have identified between 80-100 different cannabinoids! Some of these lesser known cannabinoids have big effects that can be wonderful to understand and add to your cannabis consumption ritual. Whether you are consuming CBN gummies or combusting cannabis flower with CBN listed on the label it is best to know how it is affecting you and also how it is affecting your endocannabinoid system. So let’s get into what CBN is and how you can use it!

What is CBN?

Cannabinol or CBN is one of the common chemical compounds identified in cannabis and hempl plants. Not to be confused with CBG (cannabigerol) or CBD (cannabidiol), CBN is gaining lots of attention around the world. Just like the other cannabinoids I mentioned, CBN has no intoxicating effect, Meaning you are not going to consume CBN gummies and feel the traditional “high” that one would expect. CBN has been study far less than CBD, in saying that researchers have found many promising benefits to CBN consumption in humans.

What are the benefits of CBN?

CBN is still in its infancy of being studied, but there is tons of anecdotal evidence that point to its benefits. Often CBN is marketed as a sleep aid, a cannabis product that is definitley going to make you tired. AS mentioned many people use CBN for sleep but there is little scientific evidence today to back this claim up. Here is a slightly dated study that used CBN and THC trials in 5 human subjects. CBN may also be related to sleep and drowsiness when consumed because it becomes more present in old cannabis. THCA the acidic not activated version of THC when exposed to light, oxygen and time it degrades to CBNA. This chemical process is why anecdotal evidence suggests that older cannabis makes you more tired when consumed. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

CBN Positive Use & SIde Effects

CBN may reduce inflamation – Many cannabinoids reduce inflammation, CBN was found to reduce inflammation in lab rat studies.

CBN may help stimulate appetite – Many cannabinoids are known to make the consumer hungry. This may help those dealing with people with low appetite.

Neuroprotectivity- One study done in 2005 found that CBN delayed on the onset of ALS in lab rats 

Anti-bacterial properties – one study using CBN against the MRSA bacteria that creates staff infections found CBN could kill off this bacteria which is usually resistant to antibiotics. There are no known negative side effects of CBN consumption.


Is CBN for me?

There is very little research known about CBN at this point. Anecdotal evidence points to it having promising effects on quality of life and should be explored person to person. CBN products are popping up in blended tincture products, in gummies and in cannabis flowers we combust. Understanding more about CBN and its potential power is a must! For now we self experiment, explore and look to create more anecdotal evidence that CBN has benefits in our consumption routines.

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